Natasha Luond

Alysha Jayne Macaulay was the MC for our wedding in April of 2017. 

Alysha’s professionalism and efficiency combined with her genuine desire to make our wedding run as smoothly as possible and ensure we had a truly perfect wedding day, was something that was strongly apparent.

Alysha’s witty sense of humour and professional persona was truly evident and consistent throughout the entire evening. Josh and I have no regrets, and therefore highly recommended Alysha to others.

She made our day immensely special, many of our guests (family and friends) have mentioned to us of how much they enjoyed Alysha’s charisma. She was confident and related to our guests. She kept their attention throughout, further making them feel respected and engaged with during the event. Alysha made everything flow so smoothly in a very orderly and timely manner. Not to mention the way in which she incorporated the professional live band as they entertained, just adding to her professionalism.

Josh and I would like to take this opportunity in thanking Alysha once again, and for being a remarkable MC.

Natasha Luond

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